This is (incomplete!) list of few cool websites I found while surfing through the web.
Note, 09.11.2023: After using zettlr for so long, I accidentally found a way to export .md files as standalone html, so this is the main reason why I am finally posting this. Enjoy.
Update, 16.06.2024: i finally had mental capacity to rewrite this shit to make it unified with rest of the blog

Misc sites

  1. web3 is going great
  2. list of netflix codes
  3. almost 1tb geocities archive
  4. nand2tetris - build your own computer from scratch
  5. pretty cool art gallery
  6. website carbon calculator
  7. guide to building cyberdeck
  8. cool website for reference to anatomical positions drawing, however requires flash player
  9. find and watch obscure youtube videos
  10. Library of Babel
  11. Love ASCII Art
  12. interesting article written by Angela He about learning web development in 20 days (initially on medium, but my link redirects to frontend without spooky things)
  13. big (no but really) collection of 88x31 buttons

Cultural corner

because free is fair price

  1. kanopy - watch movies legally for free
  2. - free documentaries funded by EU, each for limited time period
  3. open culture - misc talks, articles, podcasts and more; adblock advised
  4. the website of Lawrence Lessig where you can read many books for free; my link redirects to in my opinion most important book written by him
  5. google arts and culture - free virtual tours of many museums
  6. database of Louvre Museum's exhibits containing more than 500 000 entries
  7. MoMa - free art gallery tours with intersting photos
  8. jamendo - free to download music created by indie artists
  9. free to use library of classical music
  10. free music archive - discover and download music created by indie artists
  11. interesting article about Susan Kare - the woman who changed user interface design forever
  12. another article about Susan Kare

Drugs and harm reduction

  1. dance safe - drug testing kits & harm reduction info
  2. end overdose - get naloxone certified and claim free naloxone
  3. free courses by psychedelic support
  4. psychonaut wiki


  1. MtF HRT: Ultimate DIY
  3. eff privacy guide for LGBTQ youth
  4. diy hrt wiki
  5. trans chat - guide for trans & enby ppl
  6. transgender teen survival guide
  7. The Girl’s Guide to Tucking Your DickVice
  8. MtF handbook
  9. transpositions - new promising website for gender identity-related stories
  10. open source estrogen
  11. transfem science

privacy & security

hitchhiker’s guide to online anonymity

operating systems

  1. tails - secure and portable operating system
  2. qubes - great os with even greater hardware requirements
  3. whonix - vm acting like a secure container for all your shady activity


  1. veracrypt - good tool for encrypting hard drives
  2. note sv - notepad that stores encrypted text on blockchain
  3. cryptomator - free and open source alternative to nordlocker


  1. tiladamail - decentralized email service
  2. tutanota - free privacy-friendly email service based in Germany

password manager

  1. bitwarden - open source password manager with free cloudsync
  2. kepassxc - offline password manager

secure messaging

  1. signal
  2. telegram
  3. berty
  4. tox


  1. the anarchist library
  2. lets crush capitalism
  3. guerilla gardening
  4. anarchist introduction to federated social media
  5. Today’s Capitalism Sucks. Here’s More Evidence.
  6. The Communalist Library
  7. The fatal flaw of neoliberalism: it’s bad economicsGuardian
  8. The Comprehensive Activist Guide to Dismantling Neoliberalism
  9. zabalaza books - library of anarchist books
  10. pmpress


  1. manim
  2. vs codium - open source vs code binaries
  3. spyglass - an open source search engine running on your own machine
  4. szyszka - bulk file renamer that saved my ass few times
  5. zettlr - cool markdown text editor with rich feature set
  6. Closure Compiler Service - pretty obscure yet interesting abandoned google project for compressing size of js code
  7. introduction to p2p programming


  1. pixelfed
  2. mastodon
  3. manyverse - app for interacting with scuttlebutt network
  4. jellyfin - self-hosted movie streaming (works best with torrents)


  1. anki
  2. mnemosyne
  3. memcode
  5. supermemo guru
  6. supermemopaid

zines and mags

  1. n-o-d-e zine - high quality tech zine mostly covering topics of technology, decentralization and living beyond surveilance capitalism
  2. MIT Press
  3. SURFACE Mag